Executive Relocation Companies can Help Your Company Grow

In a period of rapid growth, which many health care, bio-tech, pharmaceutical, IT and alternative energy companies (to name just a few) are facing today, the ability to draw from a global talent pool can help them scale their growth to meet market demand. A lack of talented employees, specifically in the R&D and high-level executive areas, can mean lost opportunities. We've identified several

Is Benchmarking Part of Your Company Relocation Services?

Are you having trouble recruiting top talent from across the region, country or even the world?In the report 2011 Outlook on Talent Strategies, Jeff Schwartz, principal, Deloitte Consulting LLP, noted a great divide. Even with unemployment rates high, managers and business owners face challenges in recruiting top talent. “High unemployment rates in the U.S. and abroad have not created the talent

How Does Your Corporate Relocation Package Compare?

Lump-sum packages are growing in popularity due to three major benefits over reimbursing employee's relocation expenses. Gain a better understanding of lump-sum packages with our free guide. Benefits of a Lump-Sum Corporate Relocation Package Ability for the company to better control relocation costs Ease of administration Flexibility for relocating employee to choose their own relocation

Hiring Business Relocation Companies: What to Look For

If you're relocating your business, you probably have a ton of concerns. Will your business grow as you expect in the new region? Or is expansion the right decision right now, in this slow-growth economy? The actual corporate move -- and relocation of your top talent -- shouldn't be another cause for concern. Hiring the right business relocation company can take a lot of stress off the minds of

Finding a Relocation Firm that Believes in Communication and Planning

Richter Consulting, Inc. recently published an article regarding some of the reasons for -- and risks of -- business relocation. The article also shared three ways companies can minimize the financial and cultural risks of a move. They just happen to be some of the core values that CapRelo brings to our business relocation services. 1. Planning - Corporate HR staffs are often too busy to

A Lump-Sum Executive Relocation Package Offers Options

If you are revamping your executive relocation policy or even instituting a new executive relocation package, and are going with a lump-sum approach, you may have more flexibility than you imagined. As the name states, a lump-sum policy means that each relocating employee will receive a specific amount of money to cover moving costs. Out of this lump sum, the employee might pay for: Closing

Relocation Management Companies: Does Yours Go Above and Beyond?

Relocation management companies are in a competitive industry, providing extensive choices to interested parties. It's easy to find a relocation management company that will handle all aspects of your corporate relocation services, understands finance issues like tax gross-up, and has processes in place to assess the effectiveness of your employee relocation packages. What it's not so easy to

Cut Executive Relocation Costs without Reducing Service

Many companies today are looking to reduce executive relocation costs through programs like lump-sum relocation packages or simply eliminating executive relocation expense reimbursement or payments entirely. However, this can reduce your company's strategic advantage in the marketplace because you're limiting the company's ability to recruit and retain top talent to your area after a corporate

Corporate Relocation Services Solve Personnel Concerns

The decision to relocate your corporate offices is not one to be taken lightly. Whether you are moving in pursuit of a larger facility to help your company grow, or relocating to better manage your budget in an area with lower labor and manufacturing costs, there's a price to be paid for corporate relocation. Business leaders who seek corporate relocation assistance will find themselves in a

What You May Not Know About a Lump-Sum Employee Relocation Package

There's a lot to think about if your company is considering going to a lump-sum employee relocation package rather than reimbursing moving expenses for relocating employees. Here are a few factors you may not have considered. Employee satisfaction may be lower when employees are left to manage their own funds, as with a lump-sum relocation package. Employees looking to save a few bucks (and