Relocation Expense Management Made Easy

Relocation expense management is one of the keys to successful corporate relocations. But unfortunately, it's often one of the places where human resource directors who are not experts in corporate relocation often feel as if they are losing control.   If you provide a lump sum relocation package to employees, it may be easier to maintain a relocation budget, but it could backfire. For instance,

What a Relocation Specialist Can Do For You

When you hire a corporate relocation company, you'll enjoy a variety of services that only a relocation specialist can provide. With our staff of relocation specialists, CapRelo can handle a variety of tasks that previously may have fallen under the domain of your (already busy) human resources department—or simply fallen by the wayside.  For instance: Negotiating relocation benefits packages

Managing International Relocation Expenses and Expatriate Salaries

There are several methods to calculate expatriate salaries during international relocation services. One of the most common, albeit often the most costly, is the home-based method.  This method looks at the cost-of-living at the expatriate employee's home base, and calculates the salary based on those figures. This may result in an expatriate being paid more than his local counterparts, but is

International Relocation Companies Help Employees Embrace Change

If you've been following our blog, you know one of our top goals is making relocation low-stress for relocating employees. We do this through a number of relocation management programs that can help keep the relocation process on-time, on-budget and stress-free. From the logistics of moving household goods (sometimes overseas), to selling a home and finding new living arrangements, it gives

How Executive Relocation Services Can Help Your Top Talent

Relocating corporate executives has unique challenges, above and beyond relocating middle management or other employees. Sometimes, the stress of relocation leads to executive burnout, distraction, and C-level executives not living up to all the hype. Additionally, upper management and C-level executives are less inclined to sell their homes and move in today's real estate market. An article in

Your Office Move Checklist: Moving Preparations

An office move is never easy, but having an office move checklist, whether you keep it in digital format or in a hard copy version, can help. An office move checklist can be comprehensive, listing everything from issuing employee transfer letters to printing new business cards, changing your signage, and having your IT department establish the network in the new location. To keep things

Making Employee Relocation Desirable in a Down Real Estate Market

Fewer employees are willing to relocate for either a new or current job. That's not surprising in today's real estate market, where a home sale often means taking a large loss, or leaving the closing table without enough for a new home purchase.    However, there are several ways companies can make employee relocation desirable, even with the added stress of selling a home in today's market. Here

Keeping Home Relocation Costs In Check in a Down Real Estate Market

One of your company's biggest expenses when it comes to relocating employees could be home relocation costs. It's not easy to sell a home in today's market, and employers often wind up absorbing costs associated with the sale of employees' homes. Some of these home relocation costs may include:  Loss-on-sale programs Bonus incentives for quick sales Costs for home staging and other techniques

Government Relocation Assistance: What Does It Mean to Be A GSA Schedule 48 Supplier?

CapRelo is a GSA Schedule 48 supplier for federal government relocation services, which means we are approved to offer government relocation assistance under the General Services Administration program. This program permits federal offices and services to offer many of the same relocation benefits and reimbursements to government employees that corporations often offer to their employees.  

What Do National Relocation Services Include?

Are you considering hiring an outside firm to handle your company's corporate relocation management? Whether you regularly transfer employees from one branch to another within the United States, or you're planning a full scale corporate relocation, CapRelo can help. What exactly do our national relocation services include?  Our national relocation services fall into several different categories,