Employee Relocation Companies: The Relationship Between Synergy and Satisfaction

When you're shopping for employee relocation companies, there are multiple ways you can judge a company. But one of the most important is how a relocation management company treats its clients. You can gauge this in a number of ways. Culture of Service in an Employee Relocation Company 1. Do the employees communicate well with each other? How the employees of a corporate relocation company

Is Corporate Relocation Worth the Costs?

If you're considering moving your entire business, it's important to consider the real costs of corporate relocation. Some reasons to move may include: To place your company in an area with access to more and better talent To move to an area with better distribution channels To move to an area that provides lower operating costs To take advantage of tax incentives or benefits offered in

How Many Tiers Does Your Relocation Program Have?

A new survey from Worldwide ERC reveals some interesting statistics regarding the prevalence of a tiered relocation program for new hires. The information was collected from 184 Worldwide ERC members in September and October of 2010. This survey represents the first time Worldwide ERC has conducted a survey like this since 2007. Since that time, tiered relocation programs have grown

Five Surprising Things Employees Need During the Relocation Process

One of the keys to a successful relocation process is being able to anticipate the needs of relocating employees to provide them with the information they want in a seamless manner. Sometimes, this involves the use of technology—relocating employees and HR staff alike say they want a relocation account manager who is available via phone, email, text message or instant messenger at any time.

Office Relocation: Lease or Buy?

Office relocation is not an easy or inexpensive process. If you are considering a company relocation, one question on your mind is whether to purchase or lease new office space. Here are a few questions to ask before you make the decision: Do you want to be in the business of real estate investment, too? Like it or not, when you purchase office space, there are many other expenses that go

Job Relocation: One of Life's Biggest Stresses

If you've ever moved, you understand the stress involved. In fact, many studies cite moving as one of the top five most stressful event in someone's life, behind death of a loved one, divorce, and illness. When people move due to job relocation, the stress can be compounded by pressure to return to work in a timely manner and, even more importantly, be productive on the job immediately. What are

CapRelo: Specialists in Government Relocation

What does it mean to select a relocation company that is approved by the General Services Administration? The government has stringent requirements when it comes to selecting companies to assist with government relocation. Not every relocation management company has the expertise, moving and real estate industry relationships, or non-exclusive supply chain partners to manage a successful

Home Relocation Packages that Work for Everyone

“Compromise” is an important word in the real estate industry right now. Sellers may have to compromise on their asking price, offer sellers' concessions or take other steps to ensure the fast sale of their home. Buyers must navigate a tricky mortgage approval process that could involve extra paperwork, delays or interest rates higher than they could get a few years ago. But no one is

Is Your Relocation Policy Competitive In Your Industry?

Do you have difficulties recruiting top talent in your field? Do you often feel as if you are reinventing the wheel every time you enter negotiations with a potential employee? Is the talent pool in your region thin? Do you have too many competitors vying for the best employees? These are just a few of the challenges that rapid-growth industries like healthcare, biotechnology, and alternative

Understanding Federal Relocation Benefits

Unlike private and publicly-held companies, the federal government has specific regulations and standards when it comes to relocating employees. Exceptions to federal relocation policies are extremely rare and require going through lots of red tape. This makes relocating civil service employees more of a challenge. Most federal employees are under a contract that may preclude them from refusing