How Flexible Are Your Corporate Relocation Packages?

Corporate relocation packages that are standard across the board, with little room for policy exceptions based on individual talent, may seem like a good way to keep your relocation budget in check.  But when you consider that 25 to 45% of relocated employees leave their job after less than a year, it's clear to see that inflexible corporate relocation packages are not cost-effective in the

3 Ways to Calculate Tax Gross-Up in Corporate Relocation Costs

Tax gross-up can add considerable costs to corporate relocation packages. Tax gross-up can increase taxable relocation costs by 45% to 55% or more.  What is tax gross-up, in a nutshell, and why does it cost your company money? Tax gross-up occurs when you add to the taxable reimbursement amount so that relocating employees don't face a tax liability after receiving one-time relocation

Relocation Management Companies: Four Traits to Look For

More businesses today are relying on relocation management companies to handle all aspects of corporate relocation, from home sales to determining relocation reimbursement packages, bonuses and incentives.   Here are four key aspects to look for when selecting national relocation specialists.   A company that stays up-to-date on the latest trends. The economic climate and housing market is

International Relocation Service Helps Companies Face New Challenges

Workforce mobility is changing in regard to international relocation, and an international relocation service can help your company adapt to tighter budgets, more demanding expatriates, and a new landscape that frequently transfers employees from emerging regions to other emerging regions, rather than simply transferring employees from established regions to emerging locations.  Expatriate Survey

Expert Tips for Structuring Relocation Packages

Are you opening new offices? Is your HR staff debating the pros and cons of recruiting new talent in the region of your new facility vs. relocating trained, experienced staff from your current location? The question of whether it's cheaper to recruit new talent or relocate existing staff is one you should keep in mind when setting your employee relocation policy and when structuring relocation

Five Ways to Stay Green with Corporate Relocation Services

Maybe you've taken measures, such as switching to energy-efficient lightbulbs, changing over your corporate fleet of cars to hybrids, or using both sides of office paper (and then recycling paper when you're done.) Maybe you're more conscientious of which documents you print and what you keep in digital format. Relocating your company is yet another opportunity to keep environmentally friendly

What Should You Look for in International Relocation Services?

You've run the numbers and it makes perfect sense to move your corporate operations to a new location overseas. But now you're faced with a unique challenge: moving and managing expatriate employees.   Three Types of Employees  U.S. employees working abroad fall into three categories, outlined in an article from the August 2010 issue of Mobility magazine.    U.S. citizens - The easiest

How Green Is Your Business Relocation Service?

Every company today has a responsibility -- and multiple opportunities -- to put green practices in place. According to an article in a recent issue of Mobility magazine, relocation management companies are part of an industry leading the charge when it comes to green initiatives.  When you select a business relocation service where environmentally-friendly practices are part of the corporate

Taxes After the Move: How a Company Relocation Service Can Help

If you're thinking of relocating your corporate offices or expanding to a new location, a company relocation service can help every step of the way. There might even be grants, incentives or tax credits available to help you pay for the move.   Be careful. Some tax credits come with specific stipulations and requirements you must meet in order to qualify for the credit. For instance, Utah is

Help Your Employees Assimilate in an International Relocation

International relocation presents unique challenges that employees and your HR staff do not face during a domestic relocation. When you help your employees assimilate the foreign culture in the weeks prior to, and during, an international relocation, you'll ensure greater productivity in the long run, a faster return to full productivity in the office, and increased employee retention. How can