You Have a Choice in Relocation Management Services

Want to hire a business relocation service, but are afraid of the costs? You can get tailor-made relocation management services with as little (or as much) outside involvement as you'd like. Maybe your HR staff is adept at providing relocation management services to your employees, negotiating packages and helping transferees integrate with the new environment. Maybe you've lined up service

Keep Costs in Check with a Relocation Salary Calculation

One of the biggest expenses when relocating employees – in the case of individual employee transfers or relocating entire corporate offices – is surprise relocation costs. Emergency expenses no one predicted can blow your relocation budget out of the water, lead to frustrated HR staff and transferred employees, and hurt your company's bottom line.  A relocation calculator can help accurately

Do Your Employee Loss-on-Sale Relocation Policies Need a Second Look?

Relocation Policies The fear of losing money on a home sale is one of the key factors that keeps employees from wanting to relocate. It's a valid fear in today's market, especially if employees homes are already “under water” (that is, they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth) due to increased interest rates, second mortgages or home equity lines of credit. One way corporations are

What if a Pay Cut is in Order?

In rare cases, when an employee relocates, market conditions and cost-of-living in the new location warrant a pay cut. This may be necessary to keep the transferred employees' salary in line with existing employees at the location, to avoid legal and ethical issues, and to maintain company morale. If the amount of pay cut would be very small, it's better to keep employees at the current rate of

Calculating Relocation Costs for Your Entire Company

Are you considering a relocation, either to promote growth and expansion for your company or to provide a better lifestyle for yourself and your employees? A professional relocation management company can help you calculate costs not only for individual employee relocations, but on a corporate scale. When you calculate relocation costs for your company, there are a number of factors to consider.

4 Ways to Improve Retention with a Better Employee Relocation Policy

When employees sell their home, pack up their belongings, and move their family across the state, across the country, or even across the world in the case of an international relocation, you think that shows a level of commitment. You may think those employees are in it for the long haul. But that's just not true. Employee retention percentages often drop after a relocation, especially if the

What Benefits Should Relocation Packages Include?

Are you in the midst of offering relocation packages to some of your top employees or new recruits? Are you wondering what benefits those relocation packages should include? It's not an easy decision, especially when companies are looking to cut costs and keep budgets in check while retaining top employees who bring value to the business. In fact, devising fair and cost-effective relocation

Will You Leave Employees Behind During Corporate Relocation?

Are you moving your offices or setting up a second branch in another state -- or internationally? National or international relocation services like Capital Relocation Services can help -- and not just in the ways you might imagine. When you move your corporate offices, you'll have a lot of tough decisions to make in regard to your workforce, salaries, retaining employees and recruiting new hires.

Restructuring Your Corporate Relocation Policy?

In spite of the economy -- or perhaps because of it -- today's workforce is more mobile than ever. And corporations are not hesitating to make a move -- nationally or internationally. But there's still some hesitation on the part of homeowners to relocate due to the real estate market. The fourth annual Mobility in the Current Real Estate Market study, published by Weichert Relocation Resources,

Differences Between a Relocation Company and a Relocation Management

If you're planning to relocate just a few employees to different offices or even planning a large-scale relocation of your entire workforce, you may think you can do it in-house, relying on your human resources staff to assist in booking a relocation company to, well, get things moving.But a relocation company (otherwise known as a moving company) may not offer all the help you need. Don't be