4 Ways to Improve Retention with a Better Employee Relocation Policy

When employees sell their home, pack up their belongings, and move their family across the state, across the country, or even across the world in the case of an international relocation, you think that shows a level of commitment. You may think those employees are in it for the long haul. But that's just not true. Employee retention percentages often drop after a relocation, especially if the

What Benefits Should Relocation Packages Include?

Are you in the midst of offering relocation packages to some of your top employees or new recruits? Are you wondering what benefits those relocation packages should include? It's not an easy decision, especially when companies are looking to cut costs and keep budgets in check while retaining top employees who bring value to the business. In fact, devising fair and cost-effective relocation

Will You Leave Employees Behind During Corporate Relocation?

Are you moving your offices or setting up a second branch in another state -- or internationally? National or international relocation services like Capital Relocation Services can help -- and not just in the ways you might imagine. When you move your corporate offices, you'll have a lot of tough decisions to make in regard to your workforce, salaries, retaining employees and recruiting new hires.

Restructuring Your Corporate Relocation Policy?

In spite of the economy -- or perhaps because of it -- today's workforce is more mobile than ever. And corporations are not hesitating to make a move -- nationally or internationally. But there's still some hesitation on the part of homeowners to relocate due to the real estate market. The fourth annual Mobility in the Current Real Estate Market study, published by Weichert Relocation Resources,

Differences Between a Relocation Company and a Relocation Management

If you're planning to relocate just a few employees to different offices or even planning a large-scale relocation of your entire workforce, you may think you can do it in-house, relying on your human resources staff to assist in booking a relocation company to, well, get things moving.But a relocation company (otherwise known as a moving company) may not offer all the help you need. Don't be

Relocation Incentives: Should Your Package Include One?

You want to keep good talent within your company -- and sometimes that means moving key talent with you if you relocate your corporate offices. If it is not an employee's choice to move, a relocation incentive or retention bonus can compensate for a lot of the negative factors related to relocation. It can cost up to $76,000 to move a homeowner (according to 2007 ERC statistics). While salary

How to Find the Best National Relocation Services

Are you moving your entire company across the country to a region with a lower cost-of-living? Did you find the perfect plot of land for your new warehouse and corporate offices, which will help your company grow? Are you now faced with the task of moving hundreds of your top employees to a different state? You need a full-scale relocation management company specializing in national relocation

Can You Afford to Outsource International Relocation Services?

The cost to outsource international relocation services through a relocation management company is very small within the grand scheme of an international relocation. The largest cost related to international relocation are relocation benefits, including: The cost of the move Home sales and purchases (including loss-on-sale compensation and other benefits) Relocation bonus packages and incentives

What Can a Relocation Management Company Do For You?

Your human resources staff has many job duties, including hiring new employees, overseeing training of those new recruits, managing salary and benefits negotiations, helping set corporate policies in line with your company-wide goals, and more.  If you're planning a corporate relocation, you could be adding yet another course onto your HR staff's over-piled plates. Chances are, most members of