Webinar: Is Mobility Ready to Rebound? A Supplier Perspective

  By CapRelo A new decade brought optimistic economic opportunities. With that came multiple challenges, such as securing talent, focus on the employee experience, data and technology—and how to be more strategic in our organizations.     Join us Wednesday, June 3, 2020, at 2:00 p.m. until 3:00 p.m. EST for our Global Mobility Leadership Webinar:

COVID-19 Update: Return to Work Protocols, Social Distancing and Border Restrictions

Global Mobility Updates—Industry InsightsBy CapRelo With lockdown measures being relaxed in phases, we are observing an uptick in moving activity.  Questions on specific cases should continue to be directed to your Client Services contact or to info@caprelo.com.     Many clients are beginning to transition employees back into the office in a

Lump Sum Relocation Packages - Everything You Need to Know

By CapRelo Table Of Contents What is a lump sum relocation package? What is covered by the lump sum? How are lump sum relocation packages negotiated? How are relocation package lump sums paid? Types Of Lump Sum Relocation Packages How Do Lump Sum Relocation Programs Benefit Businesses? What Standard Procedures are Companies Following? The Trade-offs of Using Lump-Sum Relocation Packages   What

What is Gross-Up? Tax Gross-Up Formula & Definition

By CapRelo What is Gross-Up? A gross-up is when the employer offers an employee the gross amount that will be owed in taxes. This additional gross income helps to relieve the employee of the tax liability associated with relocation expenses. For example, if the relocation costs include $5,000.00 taxable dollars, the employer may pay a total of $7,500.00 so that the employee gets the full benefit

12 Employee Transfer Letter Tips & Letter Format Template

    By CapRelo Employee transfer letters are given to employees who are being transferred to a different branch, department or location of their employer. The reasons for the letters is more than just common professional courtesy. Transfer letters provide employee and employer the "ground rules" of the transfer. Learn more about how to write an employee transfer letter with our free article.

Don't Confuse Relocation Reimbursement With A Bonus

By CapRelo Many employers offer bonuses or lump sums to employees agreeing to relocate. Relocation reimbursement expenses and bonuses are often offered as part of a job relocation packages. While this is a welcome benefit, it's important to understand the difference between relocation reimbursement and bonuses.  Bonuses and employer paid moving expenses, such as house hunting relocation

Emergency Repatriation: Supply Chain to the Rescue

The Value of Teaming with Strong Supply Chain PartnersBy CapRelo There is no doubt that the coronavirus has made everything much more difficult. The fluid nature of the processes and protocols relating to corporate relocation and how these change from country to country and even region to region, can make it tough to do anything, let alone do it quickly.   Often, the secret to being able to

COVID-19 Update: The Easing of Restrictions

As we move out of crisis management and forward into realization, COVID-19 restrictions are beginning to ease. However, given most government agencies remain closed, we are continuing to observe disruption in immigration administration impacting worker mobility. Many countries continue to maintain restrictions on entry and exit, visa and work permit issuance, closed borders, and tightened

CapRelo Bulletin: Time to Rethink Global Mobility

  A Look at Tax and Compliance   CapRelo's Phil Goodman, Senior Director of Client Compensation Services, partners with domestic and multi-national companies to take on the complex challenges of tax and compliance for HR professionals and CapRelo clients alike.      Our idea of the normal work environment and operating procedures has been upended in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The

Global Mobility Leadership: US and International Impacts of COVID-19

  US and International Impacts of COVID-19— Mobility Update  It has been another challenging week in the world of mobility and for everyone impacted by the pandemic.  At  CapRelo, we want to thank all our customers who have been engaging so closely with us as we find creative and flexible solutions for handling the complexity of these unique times! Questions on specific cases should continue to