Published on February 21, 2019

Safety First

Relocating is never easy for anyone – even when a new job provides better pay or benefits. Yet, the employee relocation process can be a critical step in moving your business in the direction it needs to go. CapRelo is trusted by many Fortune 500 companies to manage this transition process every step of the way. 

Whether an employee is working directly with their personal relocation counselor or utilizing our proprietary CapConnect technology, the goal is always the same: make every aspect of the move as easy on your employee as possible so that they can focus on their new position right away.  

Here are some ways we put employees first during the transition process:

  • Gearing relocation packages to them, including proper compensation
  • Instilling peace of mind by always remaining positive while discussing relocation 
  • Offering home marketing, selling and finding assistance
  • Moving and packing household goods to save time and stress
  • Providing furnished and temporary housing assistance if needed 
  • Conducting language training and cultural assimilation, for adjustment to new customs
  • Organizing spousal and family support 

CapRelo’s priority is that your employee also feels well cared-for during the process. Even in the face of natural disasters, CapRelo works to take care of your employees, putting their safety first and foremost by:

  • Having a developed preparedness plan in place prior to emergencies
  • Staying alert to any situation that may affect your relocating employees
  • Communicating promptly and reporting any potential impact to employees, including contacting their families if need be
  • Cooperating fully with FEMA and providing transferees with contact info prior to move

For a recent example, in the middle of a move, one of our transferees and their family found themselves in the grip of a Category 5 hurricane during their relocation to Miami. The weather situation had been changing almost hourly, and ask the hurricane strengthened to a Category 5, CapRelo sprang into action, moving the family out of harm’s way and into safe temporary housing until it was safe to return. 

Find out more in our video below: