Published on September 26, 2017

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings of the previous month's survey. 

Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions.

August Survey Results

1. Does your company address employee retention after relocation in your mobility program?

Yes: 40%
No: 40%
Don't Know: 20%

2. Which relocation concerns affect employee retention in your company? (Choose all that apply)

How relocation impacts employees' families: 80% 
Tax/financial impact of relocation: 0%
Real estate concerns: 40%
Anxiety and acclimatization concerns associated with moving: 40%
Unsure: 20%
Other (please specify): 0%

3. Which of the following does your company's mobility program address to improve employee retention? (Choose all that apply)

Tracking retention rates following employee transfers: 20%
Fully interviewing, evaluating and screening employees prior to a potential transfer: 20%
Providing relocation assistance with real estate considerations: 60%
Providing tax assistance: 40%
Offering adequate spousal/partner support: 20%
Following up with employees regarding their relocation experience: 40%
Unsure: 20%
Other (please specify): 0%


This month's survey addresses Core-Flex Policies.  

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