Mobility and the 2018 U.S. Tax Reform Bill

CapRelo has been closely following the changes to the U.S. tax laws and advising clients on the best ways to adjust policies. The IRS is currently reviewing the changes to determine how to implement them, and we will update this information when the IRS finalizes and confirms their implementation plans. The new U.S. tax bill passed through Congress and has been signed into law by the President.

CapRelo Acquires Conduent's Relocation & Assignment Services Business

CapRelo is excited to announce the acquisition of Conduent's employee relocation and assignment services business from Conduent Human Resource Services, LLC. The purchase will expand CapRelo's services and increase our global footprint. “This acquisition further positions CapRelo as a market leader in the mobility space and improves global market access,” said Barry Morris, President and CEO,

Executive Relocation Packages - Household Goods Moving Services

The Challenge You invest significant resources in recruiting and retaining top-level executives to guide your company toward growth and greater profitability. For those executives who accept a relocation assignment, transporting their household goods must be handled with the utmost care and much more detailed planning than would be required for a more typical relocation. Learn more about how to

Are You Truly Committed to a Low-Stress Relocation Process?

Are you familiar with the old tale about the chicken and the pig who wanted to make breakfast for the farmer? In short, the chicken made a contribution by giving up some eggs. But the pig...well, he'd have to make a real “commitment” in order to help out with the gift of ham. In the business world, though, commitment is a good thing -- and rarely fatal! We all want “pigs” in our company --

How Does Your Corporate Relocation Package Compare?

Lump-sum packages are growing in popularity due to three major benefits over reimbursing employee's relocation expenses. Gain a better understanding of lump-sum packages with our free guide. Benefits of a Lump-Sum Corporate Relocation Package Ability for the company to better control relocation costs Ease of administration Flexibility for relocating employee to choose their own relocation

Is Corporate Relocation Worth the Costs?

If you're considering moving your entire business, it's important to consider the real costs of corporate relocation. Some reasons to move may include: To place your company in an area with access to more and better talent To move to an area with better distribution channels To move to an area that provides lower operating costs To take advantage of tax incentives or benefits offered in

What a Relocation Specialist Can Do For You

When you hire a corporate relocation company, you'll enjoy a variety of services that only a relocation specialist can provide. With our staff of relocation specialists, CapRelo can handle a variety of tasks that previously may have fallen under the domain of your (already busy) human resources department—or simply fallen by the wayside.  For instance: Negotiating relocation benefits packages

CapRelo CEO Mickey Williams on Executive Leaders Radio

Mickey Williams, President and CEO of CapRelo will be interviewed on Executive Leaders Radio on Sunday, April 3, 2011 from 9 to 10 a.m. Guided by William’s strong belief in a “culture of service,” his company provides turn-key relocation management to its clients. Maintaining this client-focused attention to detail, CapRelo is one of the nation’s leading relocation companies. Low-Stress

How to Write a Relocating Employee Transfer Letter

Your human resources staff may have to fill out an employee transfer form or, in lieu of that, write an employee transfer letter. While the main goal of this letter is to inform a relocating employee of the terms of a transfer, it should never be the first communication about relocation.  Find out more about writing an employee relocation offer letter in our free article.  When to Send an

Why Relocate?

Companies relocate for a number of different reasons. If you're in a senior management or ownership position at your firm, you may be considering corporate relocation for one of the following reasons:  Lifestyle change for yourself and your employees  To expand into a new geographical demographic  To move to larger headquarters  To lower your business expenses, cost-of-living and cost of doing