What is a Relocation Package & What Should it Include?

WHAT IS A RELOCATION PACKAGE? When a company offers an employee long-term employment in a location more than 50 miles from the current work location, a company may offer a relocation package. This usually covers the employee’s reasonable moving and other work-related expenses. By offering transferees a relocation package, employers provide comprehensive financial and other types of assistance to

Corporate Relocation Policy: Relocation Tiers vs. Employee Status

If you are in the process of creating a corporate relocation policy for the first time or restructuring your current policy, one of the questions you may consider is how to differentiate your employees in a tiered policy. Find out more about how to save time and money by using tiered relocation packages in our free article. Designing Tiered Relocation Packages There are many variables to take

What Do you Need to Know Before Writing a Relocation Letter?

Relocation letters have two primary purposes. Fortunately, you need not spend hours researching data or statistics to get the information you need to create a good relocation letter of understanding. The two major features of relocation letters accomplish these goals. Inform the employee or new hire about the terms of the relocation. Motivate the transferee to have positive feelings about their

The Hidden Cost of Losing Key Talent During a Group Move

There are many corporate relocation costs to consider before a group move. Typically, easily quantifiable, up-front corporate relocation expenses are foremost in the minds of management and HR staff. Rarely is the cost of losing key talent considered.  Find out everything you need to know for an effective, low-stress relocation in our Low-Stress Relocation Guide. Here are just a few of the added

The Hidden Costs of Employee Relocation

Hidden costs can surface to cause problems at the worst possible time – often right in the middle of an employee’s relocation – and may even prevent a successful transfer. These hidden costs can be monetary in nature or can be in human terms, and may not be readily apparent. Monetary costs are what usually come to mind when examining hidden costs, including things like utility reconnections in

3 Ways to Reduce Your Relocation Costs

Cost cutting has become a way of life in the corporate world. When relocation costs are reduced, the bottom line increases. Relocation expenses can drain other resource spending. Cutting back and controlling these expenses – without compromising the relocating employees’ experience – should be the goal of every human resource department. Unfortunately for many companies, this goal remains an

Making the Case for a Corporate Relocation Package

For some HR professionals and employers, having a corporate relocation package may be a “trial and error” proposition. While this may not be ideal, it is better than the typical results seen if there is no written relocation plan at all. Why? Learn more about developing relocation policies in our free guide. Competition for Talent If you compete with other employers in your industry for the same

Meet Heather Hudnall, Director of Global Services

We recently sat down with Heather to learn more about her role at CapRelo and what she enjoys doing in her spare time. What are your responsibilities as "Director of Global Services?" The position was created based on a company need to manage our global business and provide global support to our clients. As the Director of Global Services, I am currently overseeing the domestic operations for

Meet Our Director of Client Development, Angela Tan - CRP, GMS-T

We recently sat down with Angela to learn more about her role at CapRelo and how she makes relocation easy for our clients and their transferring employees. What are your responsibilities as Director of Client Development? As Director of Client Development, my focus is on the client. My responsibilities include, but certainly are not limited to, program management, service delivery, and client

Hidden Relocation Costs

‘Hidden costs’ can be defined as expenses, either monetary or in human terms, that are not readily apparent, but which can surface to cause problems at the worst possible time: often right in the middle of an employee’s relocation – and may even prevent a successful transfer. Monetary costs are what usually come to mind, such as utility reconnections in the new location, extra fees for