Executive Relocation Packages: Anticipate Problems Before they Arise

The key to a successful relocation may be seen as having a staff of skilled relocation specialists on hand to put out fires and handle circumstances as they arise. This is largely true. But if you want the real secret to pulling off a flawless relocation, the key is in anticipating problems before they occur. Learn more about executive relocation packages in our free article. The great news is

Destination Services and Providers - Global Relocations

Global relocations often involve numerous moving parts for companies and major adjustments for professionals and their families. The best way to make the process more streamlined and comfortable is to rely on a destination services provider (DSP). A DSP delivers professional services designed to help assignees and their family members experience smoother global transitions. DSPs can deliver a

Common Concerns from Employees in a Corporate Relocation

Employee relocation generates numerous concerns on the part of transferees. Employers who proactively address these concerns in their relocation policy minimize or eliminate most of them. Find out more about developing relocation policies in our free guide. Among the seemingly infinite list of questions and concerns are: Common Concerns This brief listing is in no particular order of importance,

Executive Relocation Services - Settling In and Personal Issues

Important features of destination services in executive relocation programs should include helping transferees “settle in” to their new homes, neighborhoods and jobs. Effective relocation policies also include offering assistance with personal concerns with the move. Settling In Services Even the most seasoned travelers face challenges and uncertainties when moving to a new location. Settling

Real Estate Support in Relocation Policies

Whether transferees face a booming or stagnant housing market, real estate support is an important feature in corporate relocation programs. It matters not whether the transferee is a new hire or current employee. The uncertainty of selling his/her home for an acceptable price in a timely fashion is often paramount. Even renters with leases can be traumatized when facing relocation. Include basic

Typical Features of Destination Services in Relocation Policies

Destination services are components of successful relocation programs and include a myriad of features. Whether you internally administer your relocation program or make life easier for your HR department by using a relocation firm, there is one overall objective that supersedes all others: Helping your transferee and his/her family become settled in the new location and home as quickly and as

5 Tips for Helping Your Employees Settle into Their New Homes

Today's post is courtesy of MyMove.com, the resource for stress-free moving, which offers free checklists, reminders, tools, inside tips and deals to the 40 million people who move each year in the U.S. Visit MyMove.com today for help with your move. As challenging as a corporate relocation may be for company owners and the HR staff, it's just as tough for employees. Focusing on doing a job in

Employer and Employee Benefits of House Hunting Trips

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, when relocating to a new, unfamiliar area, you certainly would appreciate assistance from your employer. Whether you're a senior executive or a new lower-level hire, all relocating employees can use employer help in finding a new residence. The best employee relocation policies contain this important feature. They can take various forms, all of which are

Destination Services for International Relocation

We know there’s a logistical side of relocation, but we’re also aware of the more intrinsic aspects of a big move – the potential stress, reorientation and adjustment that an employee and their family will be facing. This can be a very complex part of relocation, especially for an employee transfer to another country. International relocation can heighten all of those less tangible, often