Getting a Move Estimate When Company is Paying

Business relocation packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Invariably, when an employee is offered a relocation package, the employer agrees to pay for all or a portion of the moving costs. Sometimes, the employer makes all arrangements. Other times, it’s up to the relocating employee to make arrangements on their own – including obtaining a moving estimate to submit for reimbursement.


Before you begin setting domestic relocation policies or revamping your existing relocation policy, it's important to find out what's most important to your employees. You'll probably discover that home sale, spousal support, and finding a good neighborhood and a new home at a fair price rank near the top of the list for many mid- and top-level employees. Domestic relocation policies are broken

Ten Tips to Relocating with Pets

Whether travelling to Grandma’s house for the holidays or moving your family across the country, the trip wouldn’t be complete without the entire family – including the furry members.  Each year in the U.S., tens of millions of pets make journeys with their families.  Some travel by car, some by plane, and some by boat or train.  Regardless of the means, the journey can be stressful for everyone

5 Tips for Telling Your Family about a Relocation

The corporate relocation company is a blessing to businesses and employees alike. They provide a necessary service for the continuity of business and the reduction of stress in work-related moves, but that’s not the only place corporate relocation companies provide value. They also bring invaluable peace of mind that, despite everyone’s best efforts, would otherwise degenerate into panic and

Help Your Employees Assimilate in an International Relocation

International relocation presents unique challenges that employees and your HR staff do not face during a domestic relocation. When you help your employees assimilate the foreign culture in the weeks prior to, and during, an international relocation, you'll ensure greater productivity in the long run, a faster return to full productivity in the office, and increased employee retention. How can