Global Mobility: Ways to Help Your Employees to Assimilate

Global relocations present unique challenges that your HR team, and your employees, do not encounter during a domestic relocation. When you help your employees assimilate to the new culture in the weeks prior to, and during, a global relocation, you will ensure a faster return to full productivity in the office, greater productivity in the long run and increased employee retention. What can you

Advice for Expat Children Applying to Colleges

For expat young people considering attending college (in the USA), many of the same conditions apply to expats and other foreign students as well as their stateside peers. One advantage expats may have is exposure to a broader range of cultures: many schools consider the expat’s foreign living experience a big ‘plus’ when considering applications, as they are often more mature and adaptable to

Managing International Relocation Expenses and Expatriate Salaries

There are several methods to calculate expatriate salaries during international relocation services. One of the most common, albeit often the most costly, is the home-based method.  This method looks at the cost-of-living at the expatriate employee's home base, and calculates the salary based on those figures. This may result in an expatriate being paid more than his local counterparts, but is

International Relocation Service Helps Companies Face New Challenges

Workforce mobility is changing in regard to international relocation, and an international relocation service can help your company adapt to tighter budgets, more demanding expatriates, and a new landscape that frequently transfers employees from emerging regions to other emerging regions, rather than simply transferring employees from established regions to emerging locations.  Expatriate Survey

What Should You Look for in International Relocation Services?

You've run the numbers and it makes perfect sense to move your corporate operations to a new location overseas. But now you're faced with a unique challenge: moving and managing expatriate employees.   Three Types of Employees  U.S. employees working abroad fall into three categories, outlined in an article from the August 2010 issue of Mobility magazine.    U.S. citizens - The easiest