June Relocation Survey

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions. May Survey Results 1. Does your company use tiered relocation packages? Yes: 43%No: 57% 2. How does

5 Steps to Ease the Transition to a New School

Relocating for a job is not only challenging for the employee and their spouse, it can be especially hard on children, who are going to be nervous about their new home and starting over and making new friends at a new school. Ideally, a relocation will take place during the summer so the children can start school on time with the rest of their class. But even if that's not the case, there are

Executive Relocation Packages: Anticipate Problems Before they Arise

The key to a successful relocation may be seen as having a staff of skilled relocation specialists on hand to put out fires and handle circumstances as they arise. This is largely true. But if you want the real secret to pulling off a flawless relocation, the key is in anticipating problems before they occur. Learn more about executive relocation packages in our free article. The great news is

Global Mobility Policies Must Reflect the Changing Face of the Family

Not that many years ago, companies planning on relocating their married employees had few concerns beyond helping the family move. Traditionally speaking, the “family” consisted of the employee (usually a man), his wife (usually non-working) and kids (and maybe a pet or two). Even if the employee’s wife had a job, it was expected she would relinquish it to follow her husband to his new location.

Trailing Spouse Syndrome

Employers often go to great lengths to acquire and retain top talent. They offer competitive compensation and benefits, flexible work arrangements and opportunities for advancement. And when an employee has to relocate internationally for a position, an employer will typically provide relocation services that can include anything from assistance in selling his home and finding a new one to

Relocating Transferees and Their Families -- Special Considerations for Your Corporate Policy

You can develop a well-crafted relocation policy that reflects your corporate financial goals and complies with Federal tax regulations. It can promote successful relocations and assure a quick return to productivity for your transferee. Whatever the fine points of your corporate relocation policy, you also need to address the issues involved in relocating an entire family versus a single

Helping Children Make the Transition to a New School

Relocating can be especially hard on children, who might be leaving the only friends they've ever known to be the new kid on the block and in school. Ideally, a relocation will take place during the summer so children can start in a new school with the rest of their class. But even if that's not the case, there are steps you can take to make the transition to a new school easier on kids of any

Help for Spouses: Finding Work, Fitting In & Getting Back to Normal after the Relocation

Sure, moving is stressful for top employees. But imagine how spouses feel settling into a new home while finding a new job, getting the kids enrolled in school, and maybe even making some new friends. During a relocation, the move seems to be about the relocating employee. But a truly stress-free corporate relocation is also stress-free for the relocating spouse. The following tips will help

The Proper Way to Move Pets: Tips for Your Dog and Cat Owners

A pet carrier may be the best solution for car rides, but if you’re moving a pet over long distances, you’ll have to look into other options. Pet owners relocating should first consider whether their dog or cat will be moved by land or air. Tips for Driving with Pets If the entire family is moving by car, you may bring Fido or Fluffy along for the ride, whether it's a trip across the state or

What To Expect When Relocating Employees with Families

Moving employees to the best positions in the company where they can offer the most productivity may sometimes require you to have that employee relocated to a different office. Based on the complexity of the move, a job relocation means more than just having the employee pack up his things on Friday and expect him to be in the office come Monday morning. Find out more about policy