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CapRelo’s Furnished Housing Program

Posted by Shirien Elamawy on Mon, Dec 29, 2014

Transferring existing employees or recruiting new talent with an attractive relocation package can be the beginning of an exciting new chapter in the life of your employee, and your company. But no matter how comprehensive your relocation offer, it's important to put into place a plan for temporary housing during the transition. Using a comprehensive furnished housing program can make a real difference in your bottom line, as well as the overall quality of life of your employees.



Value and Savings for the Employer

Our furnished housing program is in direct response to a real need in the human resources industry. The use of temporary furnishings for new or transferred employees is evident; national surveys indicate that nearly a quarter of firms polled offer some form of temporary housing. But the need can be sporadic and difficult to meet, which can lead to overspending just to be able to offer something, anything, to your employee.

A furnished housing program offers a comprehensive solution with built in value and savings for the employer. With our program, you can offer your employee a fully furnished home, complete with utilities and modern amenities, and pay a single rate for the total cost of the living space and the included benefits. Instead of making your employees deal with short term leases, sign in and out dates, and other hassles of temporary rentals, you can simply have them move right in at their convenience; your company only pays for the time used, nothing more.


Download our Article:  A New Guide to   Furnished Housing

Comfort for the Employee

This program also offers comfort and stability to employees who may be faced with an unstable housing market in their new hometown. Our furnished housing program provides a comfortable environment, suitable for a several month stay. Allow your employees to settle in and get acquainted with their new town without feeling cramped or disconnected from the community. When your employee feels more comfortable and supported, you'll see greater productivity, and a stronger professional relationship that can last for years to come.

Furnished housing programs offer savings and peace of mind, with no hidden fees or hassles. Save money and boost productivity by offering your employee a furnished home that's move-in-ready and within a convenient commuting distance to their new job site, and leave the tedious details of sourcing and vetting properties and lease agreements to us.

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Furnished Housing for Relocating Employees

Posted by Shirien Elamawy on Tue, Jul 29, 2014

Whether it’s to a different state or a different country, moving is challenging for anyone, including employees who are relocating. Employees who are moving for a job, have a number of things going on mentally and emotionally – many of them completely unrelated to the job.


As an employer, you want to get your employee’s head back into the game as quickly as possible. One way you can help with the process is by providing furnished housing for employees when they relocate. These are just a few of the reasons providing furnished housing benefits not only your employee, but the company as well:

Increases Productivity of Employee

Because employees who are relocated will be provided with temporary furnished housing, they won’t have to be so focused on finding a permanent residence right away in a new town, city, or country. This will allow them to fully focus on the business tasks at hand, while having the ability to take their time in choosing a more permanent residence.

Having your employee remain focused during this transitional period is good for you as most businesses do not go to the trouble of relocating employees who do not have skills that are sorely needed within the organization.

The sooner your new employees settle into the job they’re doing for you, the faster you’ll recover the return on your investment.

More Value

Hiring a CapRelo for furnished housing can ultimately save you money. CapRelo eliminates unnecessary spending like the cost charged to corporations to offset provider vacancy and marketing costs, so you pay for furnished housing only when you need it.

What’s the Takeaway?

It’s often the little things that matter in the eyes of your employees. For an employee struggling to cope with the hassles of a long-distance move, something as simple as providing furnished housing for your employee is a big deal.

CapRelo’s Furnished Housing program takes the hassle out of securing convenient, comfortable, short-term housing, as well as reducing the expense involved. On average, our clients save 10-25% over the cost of a traditional program. Learn more about our furnished housing services.


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