Processing Delays with US Citizenship and Immigration Services

TIME TO RESET EMPLOYEE EXPECTATIONS: PROCESSING DELAYS WITH US CITIZENSHIP AND IMMIGRATION SERVICES What is the status of my case? Why is it taking so long? My co-worker's case only took 3 months, why have I not received my decision yet? Are these questions all too familiar from employees within your company? Employees and managers are becoming increasingly frustrated with pending visa

Duty of Care During Corporate Mobility

Millions of American professionals relocate annually, many taking on exciting international assignments. U.S. businesses are just as excited about these global relocations. After all, global mobility can lay the groundwork for expansion and revenue gain. But businesses must understand that expatriates can encounter serious safety hazards during and after relocation. Companies organizing and

Recruit & Retain Talent with a Better Global Mobility Program

A robust and responsive global mobility program can make your organization stand out among your competitors and help you attract and retain the top talent in your industry. Find out how: