Taking the Stress Out of a Group Move

The challenge companies face is how to successfully move the business, while being able to maintain a continual level of business operations. If you are not able to maintain the same level of business that you are used to, you are going to lose revenue and potential customers. It's imperative to approach the group move the same way you would handle any other business decision, but with a

Your Relocation Policy Should Address What Your Talent Wants Most

It's hard to achieve 100% in anything. For baseball players, getting on base 33% of the time makes them excellent in their field. But relocation isn't baseball. If you want to manage hidden corporate relocation costs and achieve a successful group move, retaining 33% of your employees just isn't enough. How can you improve your retention average with a better corporate relocation policy?

Finding a Relocation Firm that Believes in Communication and Planning

Richter Consulting, Inc. recently published an article regarding some of the reasons for -- and risks of -- business relocation. The article also shared three ways companies can minimize the financial and cultural risks of a move. They just happen to be some of the core values that CapRelo brings to our business relocation services. 1. Planning - Corporate HR staffs are often too busy to