What Should be Included in a Relocation Package?

You offer a relocation package that HR and senior management believes to be outstanding. But, is it really attractive to current employees or new hires? Are you sure your relocation package is comparable to your primary competitors' programs? Sometimes, a relocation program appears to be attractive, but doesn't resonate with the affected employees. They may be reluctant to offer their real

Home-Finding Assistance Services Benefit Both the Employer and Employee

Whether a homeowner or renter, current senior executive or lower-level new hire, all relocating employees can use their employer’s help in finding a new residence. Competitive, effective corporate relocation policies include home-finding assistance services in some form or another. All are helpful to your transferees. In addition to the obvious monetary benefits, providing home-finding assistance

What is Included with House Hunting Reimbursements?

Some corporate relocation packages offer the red carpet treatment, taking care of every aspect of a transferee’s move from travel arrangements and expenses to the actual packing and delivery of household goods. Other relocation packages aren’t quite as comprehensive and require relocating employees to do some of the heavy lifting – like traveling to their point of destination to seek out housing

A House Hunter's Checklist for Keeping Track of Expenses

If the corporate relocation package being offered to you requires that you perform a house hunting expedition on your own, it’s likely your employer will reimburse you for many associated expenses – including travel, lodging, and meals to name the most common. Naturally, you’ll want to check with your employer to determine what expenses are covered and what exclusions there are. Here's a

[Video] A Cheat Sheet for HR Managers: 7 Keys to Employee Relocation

Please enjoy our video, "7 Keys to Employee Relocation: A Cheat Sheet for HR Managers."

Important Features of a Home-Finding Trip

Competitive relocation policies should include components related to finding a home in the new location.  One such benefit is to offer one or two home finding trips to the destination location.  There are several additional provisions that are considered competitive components. Our free article provides additional information on real estate considerations for your relocation policy.

Real Estate Relocation Features for the Medical Industry

Medical employees, whether new hires or current staff, are often most concerned with having to sell their homes quickly at less than market value when faced with relocation. While most prospective transferees in all industries have these concerns, key medical personnel with these fears can impact entire communities, should they object to relocation. Offering real estate-related assistance

Turn Poor Relocation Policies into Competitive Programs

Most multi-location employers realize they need relocation policies to maintain their ability to attract and retain talented employees. Unfortunately, some relocation programs are incorrectly designed. This situation often causes two problems: The policy does not address the primary concerns of relocating employees and new hires. The employer incurs costs without getting full value for money

Typical Features of Destination Services in Relocation Policies

Destination services are components of successful relocation programs and include a myriad of features. Whether you internally administer your relocation program or make life easier for your HR department by using a relocation firm, there is one overall objective that supersedes all others: Helping your transferee and his/her family become settled in the new location and home as quickly and as

Employer and Employee Benefits of House Hunting Trips

Whether you are a homeowner or renter, when relocating to a new, unfamiliar area, you certainly would appreciate assistance from your employer. Whether you're a senior executive or a new lower-level hire, all relocating employees can use employer help in finding a new residence. The best employee relocation policies contain this important feature. They can take various forms, all of which are