Executive Relocation Packages - Household Goods Moving Services

The Challenge You invest significant resources in recruiting and retaining top-level executives to guide your company toward growth and greater profitability. For those executives who accept a relocation assignment, transporting their household goods must be handled with the utmost care and much more detailed planning than would be required for a more typical relocation. Learn more about how to

What is Included with House Hunting Reimbursements?

Some corporate relocation packages offer the red carpet treatment, taking care of every aspect of a transferee’s move from travel arrangements and expenses to the actual packing and delivery of household goods. Other relocation packages aren’t quite as comprehensive and require relocating employees to do some of the heavy lifting – like traveling to their point of destination to seek out housing

A House Hunter's Checklist for Keeping Track of Expenses

If the corporate relocation package being offered to you requires that you perform a house hunting expedition on your own, it’s likely your employer will reimburse you for many associated expenses – including travel, lodging, and meals to name the most common. Naturally, you’ll want to check with your employer to determine what expenses are covered and what exclusions there are. Here's a

What Are Typical Services Offered with Household Goods Transportation?

Moving a transferees' household goods is an absolute necessary component of all corporate relocation programs. Along with designing a relocation policy incorporating the basic transportation of all typical personal property items of the transferee, aligning with a top household goods moving partner is essential. Minimizing Household Goods Stress One of the prime "stress components" of a