July Relocation Survey

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions. June Survey Results 1. Do you offer destination services to address issues associated with

9 Measures to Control Global Assignment Costs

Recently, many companies have reduced, frozen or eliminated their relocation programs in an effort to save costs. However, to remain competitive, companies still need to place the best talent at the appropriate locations, and often that talent isn't available without a global transfer. In these instances, the proper management and oversight of relocation costs becomes imperative. Learn more

Controlling International Relocation Costs

Companies planning to provide international relocation assistance for their employees can expect to have the usual concerns from transferees: selecting a mover, help with selling an existing home, support in the new location, and so on. In addition, there are also visas, international taxes, housing allowances, and replicating previous living standards as closely as possible. Other typical

How To Help Employees Assimilate To A New Culture During An International Relocation

International relocations typically involve assignees adapting to a new, very different culture. Even a transfer to English-speaking countries requires some language training, to understand different word usage, and cultural variations. From both an assignee and employer perspective, the quicker the transferred employee assimilates the new culture, the more beneficial the international

Managing Global Relocation Expenses and Expatriate Salaries

Managing and controlling global relocation expenses and assignee compensation is always an employer concern. This is both natural and valid. Global relocations are often vital to company success. Find out more about developing a global relocation policy in our free guide.  Consider the following realities. First, the company must accept that global transfers are costly. It is impossible to

How To Reduce Global Relocation Expenses

Global relocations will cost employers dearly. However, not offering competitive relocation programs typically cost employers much more over the long-term. That doesn't change the wisdom of managing, controlling and cutting some global relocation costs wherever possible. Learn more about global mobility and developing global relocation policies in our free guide.  Assignee Compensation Your

How To Make An International Relocation Go As Smoothly As A US Move

You may, at first, believe that an international relocation as smooth as an intra-US transfer is impossible. Not true. Much depends on the professionalism and scope of the components of your international relocation policy. Because of the perceived uncertainties of many country relocations, consider using a proven employee relocation firm instead of potentially over-taxing the time and ability

International Relocation Policies: What's Best for Your Company?

Corporate relocation programs are costly. When your company relocates employees internationally, the cost – and the importance – dramatically increases. You probably realize that the short-term cost pales in comparison to the long-term employee contribution to the company's bottom line. U.S. employee relocations are complex. International relocations are off the charts complex. However, you

Help Employees Adapt to New Culture During International Relocation

International relocation presents unique challenges that employees and your HR staff do not face during a domestic relocation. When you help your employees assimilate the foreign culture in the weeks prior to, and during, an international relocation, you'll ensure greater productivity in the long run, a faster return to full productivity in the office, and increased employee retention. How can

Managing International Relocation Expenses and Expatriate Salaries

There are several methods to calculate expatriate salaries during international relocation services. One of the most common, albeit often the most costly, is the home-based method.  This method looks at the cost-of-living at the expatriate employee's home base, and calculates the salary based on those figures. This may result in an expatriate being paid more than his local counterparts, but is