Global Assignment Services

As an HR director, you may have encountered a situation similar to the following: Your company is planning to open a new sales division in Europe and will relocate several members of the sales team to the new office. You and your staff must take on the responsibility of coordinating their relocations. A global relocation is more complex than a domestic transfer, which means there are more

Exclusive Webinar - Real Estate Roundtable: Expert Advice on Relocation's Biggest Challenges

Up-to-date real estate policies are critical to the success of your relocation program. Nothing can disrupt your talent management goals faster than a transferee distracted by a house that won't sell. And, nothing can increase your program costs faster than managing policy exceptions for unexpected issues. Please join our lively roundtable on Tuesday, October 27th at 2:00 pm as we bring

Destination Services and Providers - Global Relocations

Global relocations often involve numerous moving parts for companies and major adjustments for professionals and their families. The best way to make the process more streamlined and comfortable is to rely on a destination services provider (DSP). A DSP delivers professional services designed to help assignees and their family members experience smoother global transitions. DSPs can deliver a

Job Relocation: Why Employers Should Invest in Language Training

For an employee, being relocated by his or her employer can be an unnerving process. Yet millions of people move every year at management's request, some of them moving globally to a place where the primary language spoken is different. Your employees will likely face language barriers, cultural barriers, perhaps even discrimination depending on where they are moving to and from. An global move

Steps to Reduce Security Risks During an International Move

As if international relocations weren’t complicated enough with the myriad of country-specific, cultural considerations – the security implications of moving to another country make the entire move even more complex. As an employer moving one or more employees abroad, it’s critical to be mindful of and take steps to reduce the many security risks your employees face in an international move –

Exclusive Webinar: Creating a Successful International Relocation Policy

Is your current or ad hoc international relocation policy designed to handle the new business complexities in today’s global environment? When developing or revising an international relocation program, do you know which key elements to consider to make it successful? Please join us on October 3rd at 2:00 pm as David Macpherson, Senior Vice President, International Division, and Keela Shumard,

How To Help Employees Assimilate To A New Culture During An International Relocation

International relocations typically involve assignees adapting to a new, very different culture. Even a transfer to English-speaking countries requires some language training, to understand different word usage, and cultural variations. From both an assignee and employer perspective, the quicker the transferred employee assimilates the new culture, the more beneficial the international

Managing Global Relocation Expenses and Expatriate Salaries

Managing and controlling global relocation expenses and assignee compensation is always an employer concern. This is both natural and valid. Global relocations are often vital to company success. Find out more about developing a global relocation policy in our free guide.  Consider the following realities. First, the company must accept that global transfers are costly. It is impossible to

How To Reduce Global Relocation Expenses

Global relocations will cost employers dearly. However, not offering competitive relocation programs typically cost employers much more over the long-term. That doesn't change the wisdom of managing, controlling and cutting some global relocation costs wherever possible. Learn more about global mobility and developing global relocation policies in our free guide.  Assignee Compensation Your

How To Make An International Relocation Go As Smoothly As A US Move

You may, at first, believe that an international relocation as smooth as an intra-US transfer is impossible. Not true. Much depends on the professionalism and scope of the components of your international relocation policy. Because of the perceived uncertainties of many country relocations, consider using a proven employee relocation firm instead of potentially over-taxing the time and ability