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Tiered Relocation Packages Attract the Best Medical Talent

Posted by Mickey Williams on Tue, Jul 16, 2013

Employee recruiting and relocation is challenging in every industry. Recruiting and relocating medical personnel involve added challenges as a failure to recruit talented doctors, assistants, nurses and hospital or private practice professionals can impact entire communities.

To avoid this fate and help you recruit, keep and relocate valuable medical employees, consider adopting new or improving existing relocation programs. Having more than one policy, also known as ‘tiered relocation policies’ recognize the differences in the value of varied levels of personnel.

Designing Tiered Relocation Packages

While the stress of relocation is probably the same for doctors and nurses, their value to a hospital or private practice varies widely. Those with more authority and responsibility, receive more benefits.

You can design your policies with any features you want, but consider including these basic overall components:

  • Recruits and employees who are vital to the hospital, clinic or private practice should have a varied and diverse selection of relocation incentives to encourage engagement for the policies and create a win-win for both you and the transferring employee.
  • Tailor your policy to be fair, but offer fewer options for relocation assistance to less critical medical employees with lower levels of authority and professional skills.

Tiered Relocation Programs Attract the Best Talent

These primary considerations do not suggest that you limit your relocation policy to two tiers only. You can design as many tiers as you want, as long as each variety is fair and recognizes the value of the employee to the facility or practice. Tiered relocation policies help you attract the best medical talent available, regardless of their level.  Here’s why:

  • Top medical talent is in demand across America.

    Specialists are needed in every part of the country. Tiered relocation policies often eliminate the compensation 'bidding wars' that often result. However, these programs deliver excellent cost control features and are attractive to medical personnel.
  • Premier skilled employees appreciate the consideration you give them with the added features you include in your tiered relocation program.

    Since demand exceeds supply, tiered relocation policies can offer you the competitive edge you need to recognize the talent, skill and ability of transferring staff.
  • Properly structured tiered relocation programs help you better negotiate, whether you hope to attract new professionals or transfer current staff to new medical locations.

    This advantage assumes you do your homework to learn what competing medical facilities offer to attract new personnel or convince current employees that your relocation policy will translate to a smooth, stress-free move.
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Designing a winning tiered relocation program is a combination of common sense, empathy, knowing your competition and installing cost control measures. Balance the need with the typical concerns of new hires or existing employees. In so doing, you’ll create an attractive, tiered relocation program!

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