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Getting a Move Estimate When Company is Paying

Posted by George Herriage on Tue, Apr 22, 2014

Relocation_Box.jpgBusiness relocation packages come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Invariably, when an employee is offered a relocation package, the employer agrees to pay for all or a portion of the moving costs. Sometimes, the employer makes all arrangements. Other times, it’s up to the relocating employee to make arrangements on their own – including obtaining a moving estimate to submit for reimbursement.

Whittle Down a List

The employee’s first step in obtaining a moving estimate is to gather a list of potential movers. This is important, as not all moving companies are alike and many people have fallen victim to “rogue movers” that use deceptive practices to boost the cost of household goods delivery. Your company may have a selection of approved movers, ask first before receiving in-home estimates.

Lots of information about moving companies – including reviews about their services – can be found online, but sometimes it’s best to pick up the local phone book and talk to someone directly. Visiting the Better Business Bureau is another good way for relocating employees to create a short list of the moving companies with the best reputations. Since all legitimate moving companies are required to have a Department of Transportation (DOT) number, check the names of all potential moving companies at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website to ensure they’re registered with the government.

Get Estimates for Services

Next, it’s time to contact the short list of moving companies to get a cost estimate. Best practices dictate that the most accurate estimates are the ones that are received in person. Movers that offer estimates over the phone should be avoided, as one of the keys to determining overall cost of household goods delivery is to have someone perform an in-home visit to physically see the size and scope of the move. This helps to avoid receiving inaccurate quotes that could rise substantially on delivery. Interstate move costs are determined by weight, so it’s essential that a representative of the moving company comes to the employee’s place of residence to determine an accurate quote. Quotes should always be obtained in writing and never verbally. There are three types of estimates:

  • Not-To-Exceed estimates state that the amount quoted will be the amount charged, even if actual weight is more than initially thought. If weight of household goods is less than originally estimated, the moving company will charge a lower amount.
  • Non-Binding estimates mean that the final cost isn’t determined until the shipment is actually weighed.
  • Binding estimates set a definitive price for the move, even if actual weight is found to be lesser or greater. Please note that if the scope of services changes before the move, the estimate is no longer valid. This is a legitimate type of estimate, but it’s important to understand that there is some risk involved.

Make the Decision

Choosing the mover that offers the best price for the best level of services can depend on a company’s relocation policy. In some cases, the company may ask to review the estimates provided so that they can make the decision – in other cases, it’s up to the employee to choose which moving company will be contracted to carry out the household goods delivery. Whatever the case, it’s important to look at all of the details before arriving at a decision.

Picking the right moving company can mean the difference between a smooth relocation and a rocky one. Getting an accurate quote for services is the first step to ensuring the best possible experience when relocating.


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Finding Corporate Relocation Companies with the Resources You Need

Posted by George Herriage on Wed, Nov 09, 2011

Corporate relocation companies come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Some rely heavily on technology to get the job done. Others focus on superior customer service, going above and beyond to satisfy high-level executive clients who are relocating. Others have strengths in the financial management aspects of relocation, pulling out all stops to get clients the most bang for their buck in tight economic times.
right relocation firm with personalized customer serviceIdeally, you'll find a company with strengths in all of these areas, and more, including:

• A non-exclusive supply chain to connect you with top real estate agents, home staging services, HHG moving services, mortgage companies and more
• A process to manage each employee or group move, measure its success, and refine the procedure for next time, while permitting room for flexibility and customization within each move.
• Personalized customer service for every client
• The resources necessary to manage your company, regardless of its size and regardless of how many employees you are moving at one time or over the course of your contract
• A corporate culture that adapts itself to fit your company culture, speaking the language of your relocating employees, ascertaining their needs and meeting those needs efficiently and within your relocation budget

Sounds like a tall order, doesn't it? The fact is, these are all key elements that go into a successful relocation. If your relocation management company isn't providing it all, they may not be giving you the service you deserve.

The right relocation firm should offer all the resources you need with personalized customer service to back it up. When you speak with your relocation professional, you should feel as if you are their only client and their main concern. You are Number One to them.

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You can find out a lot about a corporate relocation company by visiting their website and even reading their blog. But there's no substitute for speaking with satisfied clients as well as the company's relocation specialists.

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Government Relocation Assistance: What Does It Mean to Be A GSA Schedule 48 Supplier?

Posted by Chris Finckel on Thu, May 05, 2011

CapRelo is a GSA Schedule 48 supplier for federal government relocation services, which means we are approved to offer government relocation assistance under the General Services Administration program.

This program permits federal offices and services to offer many of the same relocation benefits and reimbursements to government employees that corporations often offer to their employees.  

For instance, our Buyer Value Option program provides the tax advantages of a home sale program with reduced costs compared to guaranteed buy-out programs. Other services we offer in regard to government relocation assistance include: 

Relocation Software, Technology Tools and Services

Through CapViews, our web based software, government relocation managers have access to every aspect of each government employee relocation. We provide the means for tracking expenses, budgets, reimbursement schedules, along with the means to contact the relocation service providers assisting with the moves. 

 Move Management Services

CapRelo provides household goods move management services, including carrier selection, move counseling for the relocating employee, maintaining communication between the relocating employee and the household goods carrier, invoice auditing, and employee claims assistance. By acting as the primary interface and manager of this process, we make the physical move of the employee, his family, vehicles, pets and household goods as low-stress as possible.

Customized Government Relocation Assistance Services

We offer low-fee and no-fee service options for federal agencies to assist employees who may not be eligible for relocation benefits or have opted out of offered relocation programs. This may be especially critical for relocating employees who don't qualify for home sale services, but the sale of their home is a determining factor in the success of their move.

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