6 Challenges When Relocating Multiple Employees

The challenges associated with employee relocation are multiplied when you need to move a whole team or office. Find out more:  

What Kinds of Relocation Packages are Available?

There are almost as many types of relocation packages as there are employees needing the assistance and the companies that hire them. The company’s financial resources and situation, the length of employment, as well as whether the employee is a homeowner or renter also play roles in determining the size and coverage offered in a relocation package. A core or standard relocation package usually

What You May Not Know About Lump-Sum Employee Relocation Packages

There's a lot to think about if your company is considering changing to a lump-sum employee relocation package rather than reimbursing moving expenses for relocating employees. Here are a few factors you may not have considered. Employee satisfaction may be lower when employees are left to manage their own funds, as with a lump-sum relocation package. Employees hoping to save money (and pocket

Trailing Spouse Syndrome

Employers often go to great lengths to acquire and retain top talent. They offer competitive compensation and benefits, flexible work arrangements and opportunities for advancement. And when an employee has to relocate internationally for a position, an employer will typically provide relocation services that can include anything from assistance in selling his home and finding a new one to

What You Need to Know About Relocating Millennials

Millennials—those born between 1980 and 2000—are far more interested in relocating for their careers than Generation X and Baby Boomer workers. In fact, Mary Lorenz, in her The Hiring Site article “Five Things You Might Not Know About Millennial Candidates,” cites a CareerBuilder and Inavero survey that showed that 83 percent of Millennials are willing to relocate for the right job that provides

Employees Are Willing to Relocate for a Dream Job

Why employees want to relocate According to a study by the job website Monster, three-quarters of international workers, including about 48 percent of American respondents, were agreeable to being transferred if the “job of their dreams” was involved. While 23 percent wouldn’t accept a transfer for any reason, 32 percent of respondents would even be willing to move halfway around the world.

3 Tips for Selling Relocation to Your Employees

Watch this video for three tips on selling relocation to your employees.    

Steps on How to Write an Employee Relocation Offer Letter

When writing an effective employee relocation offer letter it’s important that you frame your offer in a manner that results in the highest rate of acceptance. Here we outline steps to help you write a great relocation offer letter. For more information on how to write an employee relocation letter, get our free article. Start with a Recap Relocation offer letters are sent to employees who have

Furnished Housing for Relocating Employees

Whether it’s to a different state or a different country, moving is challenging for anyone, including employees who are relocating. Employees who are moving for a job, have a number of things going on mentally and emotionally – many of them completely unrelated to the job. As an employer, you want to get your employee’s head back into the game as quickly as possible. One way you can help with

Job Relocation: Why Employers Should Invest in Language Training

For an employee, being relocated by his or her employer can be an unnerving process. Yet millions of people move every year at management's request, some of them moving globally to a place where the primary language spoken is different. Your employees will likely face language barriers, cultural barriers, perhaps even discrimination depending on where they are moving to and from. An global move