Strike an Ideal Balance Between High-Tech & High-Touch Relocations

Organizations should seek out external mobility management partners that offer balanced services, incorporating both smart technology and human touch. Companies and their employees need web-based tools capable of facilitating back-end information management and accounting processes and tracking progress; however, in the event that challenges unfold, more traditional customer service support will

Incorporate Technology & Human Touch in Your Global Mobility Program

According to research from the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 22 million Americans relocated in 2017. It is likely many of them leveraged some form of relocation technology to manage their respective moves. After all, mobile users downloaded more than 175 billion mobile applications globally in 2017 to help manage their everyday activities, according to App Annie. This collective zeal for

How Flexible Are Your Corporate Relocation Packages?

Corporate relocation packages that are standard across the board, with little room for policy exceptions based on individual talent, may seem like a good way to keep your relocation budget in check.  But when you consider that 25 to 45% of relocated employees leave their job after less than a year, it's clear to see that inflexible corporate relocation packages are not cost-effective in the