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Incorporate Technology & Human Touch in Your Global Mobility Program

Posted by Amy Mergler on Thu, Oct 18, 2018

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According to research from the U.S. Census Bureau, an estimated 22 million Americans relocated in 2017. It is likely many of them leveraged some form of relocation technology to manage their respective moves. After all, mobile users downloaded more than 175 billion mobile applications globally in 2017 to help manage their everyday activities, according to App Annie. This collective zeal for technological convenience has affected how people manage their relocation activities.

While relocation apps and portals ease and expedite some parts of the relocation process, they are not all-encompassing: There are variables that even the most advanced technology cannot address, including the emotional upheaval that occurs when relocation becomes reality.

For this reason, it is important for businesses that manage employee relocation and assignment activities to partner with mobility management providers that take a measured approach wherein technology and personal interaction are both available when needed. This sort of balance increases employee comfort and allows the company to deal more effectively with the unexpected hiccups that inevitably unfold during corporate-sponsored moves.

The Danger of Standalone Technology

Mobile applications and other technology solutions have transformed how people perform common tasks. Often, these tools streamline once time-consuming activities through automated features. Additionally, these features can make it easier for multiple business units involved with employee relocations to keep track of progress and monitor costs. A Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) study showed that 60 percent of corporate leaders believed online resources would drastically improve existing company relocation strategies. Improving relocation strategies, however, is far different from improving the total relocation experience, including dealing with relocating employees, external vendors and mobility management providers. This is where technology alone can fall short of a balanced approach.

In addition to moving information between the appropriate parties and tracking expenses, businesses must be prepared to address complications that software simply cannot. For example, a technology-only solution will not help relieve the anxiety a relocating employee might feel when faced with managing all of the tasks associated with moving the family and household to a new city. In these moments, human support is critical. Relocation technology solutions, while helpful, offer little aid in such situations. To effectively manage these scenarios, a company must rely on experience, knowledge and empathy. Just one negative relocation experience can make talent less likely to accept an assignment or transfer offer, whether they were directly involved or if they heard about it “through the grapevine.”

Balancing High-Tech & High-Touch Relocations

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How Flexible Are Your Corporate Relocation Packages?

Posted by Marianne Shields on Fri, Mar 18, 2011

Corporate relocation packages that are standard across the board, with little room for policy exceptions based on individual talent, may seem like a good way to keep your relocation budget in check. 

But when you consider that 25 to 45% of relocated employees leave their job after less than a year, it's clear to see that inflexible corporate relocation packages are not cost-effective in the long-term. When you lose top talent after a corporate relocation, you must begin again, burdening your human resource department with recruiting, hiring, and training new talent. All of this costs much more—in time, money and resources—than a relocating employee might ask for in a corporate relocation program. 

When you let CapRelo create, modify and manage your corporate relocation program, we emphasize flexibility in corporate relocation packages. It is not our job to say “no” to a relocating employee's request. Instead, we work within the framework of your budget to devise a solution that will keep the relocating employee happy. 

Often, you won't even know there was a situation until the problem is solved and our relocation counselors come to your HR staff or top management with the solution.  

CapRelo is, additionally, the primary liaison between relocating employees and relocation service providers, including carriers of household goods, real estate agencies, and anyone else involved in a successful relocation. Managing service providers to ensure the move in on-time, on-budget and low-stress is a big part of our job. 

When employees have a low-stress moving experience and focus on what went right in a move—the superior level of customer service they received every step of the way—they will experience a faster return to work, prompt return to full productivity, and are more likely to stay with your company as a valued employee. That's the real way to save money on corporate relocation.


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