What You May Not Know About Lump-Sum Employee Relocation Packages

There's a lot to think about if your company is considering changing to a lump-sum employee relocation package rather than reimbursing moving expenses for relocating employees. Here are a few factors you may not have considered. Employee satisfaction may be lower when employees are left to manage their own funds, as with a lump-sum relocation package. Employees hoping to save money (and pocket

Relocation Paperwork You Can Expect To See and What It Means

Relocation services are there to simplify the process of transferring employees from one location to another. Ultimately, it’s the goal of the relocation management company to pave the quickest, least disruptive path between Point A to Point B so that the transferee can experience as seamless a move as possible, with minimal stress and worry. Learn more about developing relocation policies in

Effective Business Performance Measurements for Your Corporate Relocation

If you're in the process of selecting a corporate relocation firm to manage your company's corporate relocation policy, you may have a lot of doubts: How will I know the corporate relocation management company is acting in my best interests? What can I expect from a corporate relocation firm? How will I know if the company is fulfilling its agreements? How can I get the best value for my money

How to Pick the Right Executive Relocation Management Company

Not all executive relocation management companies were created equal. Depending on where you look, who you ask, and what your criteria is, you might find incredibly affordable executive relocation services that deliver the kind of service most people wouldn’t take for free. On the other hand, it’s entirely possible to find executive relocation management that makes life so easy, you’d have to be

Finding Corporate Relocation Companies with the Resources You Need

Corporate relocation companies come in all sizes, shapes and forms. Some rely heavily on technology to get the job done. Others focus on superior customer service, going above and beyond to satisfy high-level executive clients who are relocating. Others have strengths in the financial management aspects of relocation, pulling out all stops to get clients the most bang for their buck in tight

Relocation Package “Oversight”

If you’ve chosen the best relocation package for your company, in addition to covering all the different facets of relocation, you’re also gaining the services of a skilled “oversight committee.” You might think of the key overseer as a project manager – and relocation of your employees is their top project. Orchestrating the Relocation Package One of the many reasons it makes sense to hire a

Make it Smooth Sailing with Relocation Services

Your company is opening a new sales division in Portugal. Several members of the sales team are being relocated to the new office. As an HR director, this falls on to your “to-do” list. Actually, it becomes THE to-do list. Feeling overwhelmed yet? Probably, and it’s just getting started! This is where savvy company owners and HR departments learn the value of contacting a full-service relocation

Relocation Management Companies – Telling the Good from the Mediocre

Relocation management companies are known for making the business of transferring company employees to new locations easy. That’s what they do, and they do it well – some better than others. They accomplish this by deploying their considerable resources to tackle the logistical nightmare that picking up residence and putting it down elsewhere entails, giving corporate employees in the process of

Exploring the Miscellaneous Expense Allowance in Business Relocation

The Miscellaneous Expense Allowance (MEA) is put in place as an acknowledgement that no amount of planning, exceptional vision, or keen business foresight on the part of any business relocation management company can ever accurately predict how much money an employee in the midst of relocation may have to spend for unanticipated incidentals. With that in mind, the Miscellaneous Expense Allowance

Buyer Value Options can Simplify Business Relocation Expense

Incentives for fast sales of employees' homes represent a significant portion of today's business relocation costs. Some solutions involve loss-on-sale programs, sales incentives and bonuses if certain criteria are met, and Buyer Value Option programs. A Buyer Value Option (BVO) program can simplify business relocation expense reporting by taking tax gross-up out of the equation.  Find out more