How Green Is Your Business Relocation Service?

Every company today has a responsibility -- and multiple opportunities -- to put green practices in place. According to an article in a recent issue of Mobility magazine, relocation management companies are part of an industry leading the charge when it comes to green initiatives.  When you select a business relocation service where environmentally-friendly practices are part of the corporate

Is Temporary Housing Part of Your Executive Relocation Package?

As you know from reading this blog, executive relocation services and relocation management companies like CapRelo provide a wide range of business relocation services, including the sale and purchase of real estate.  But what if, for whatever reason, it is more cost-effective and expedient to set up temporary housing for your employees? There are a number of reasons employees may prefer

Differences Between a Relocation Company and a Relocation Management

If you're planning to relocate just a few employees to different offices or even planning a large-scale relocation of your entire workforce, you may think you can do it in-house, relying on your human resources staff to assist in booking a relocation company to, well, get things moving.But a relocation company (otherwise known as a moving company) may not offer all the help you need. Don't be

How to Find the Best National Relocation Services

Are you moving your entire company across the country to a region with a lower cost-of-living? Did you find the perfect plot of land for your new warehouse and corporate offices, which will help your company grow? Are you now faced with the task of moving hundreds of your top employees to a different state? You need a full-scale relocation management company specializing in national relocation

What Can a Relocation Management Company Do For You?

Your human resources staff has many job duties, including hiring new employees, overseeing training of those new recruits, managing salary and benefits negotiations, helping set corporate policies in line with your company-wide goals, and more.  If you're planning a corporate relocation, you could be adding yet another course onto your HR staff's over-piled plates. Chances are, most members of