Hiring Business Relocation Companies: What to Look For

If you're relocating your business, you probably have a ton of concerns. Will your business grow as you expect in the new region? Or is expansion the right decision right now, in this slow-growth economy? The actual corporate move -- and relocation of your top talent -- shouldn't be another cause for concern. Hiring the right business relocation company can take a lot of stress off the minds of

Relocation Management Companies: Does Yours Go Above and Beyond?

Relocation management companies are in a competitive industry, providing extensive choices to interested parties. It's easy to find a relocation management company that will handle all aspects of your corporate relocation services, understands finance issues like tax gross-up, and has processes in place to assess the effectiveness of your employee relocation packages. What it's not so easy to

What a Relocation Specialist Can Do For You

When you hire a corporate relocation company, you'll enjoy a variety of services that only a relocation specialist can provide. With our staff of relocation specialists, CapRelo can handle a variety of tasks that previously may have fallen under the domain of your (already busy) human resources department—or simply fallen by the wayside.  For instance: Negotiating relocation benefits packages