The Need for Rental Services in a Relocation Package

One of the most challenging aspects of professional relocation involves helping employees find ideal housing solutions. While plenty of companies offer home buying help, many organizations miss out on addressing their employees’ need for advice and services related to home rentals. Serving Employees Who Need to Rent Instead of Buy Executives are often surprised by how many relocating employees

Real Estate Relocation Features for the Medical Industry

Medical employees, whether new hires or current staff, are often most concerned with having to sell their homes quickly at less than market value when faced with relocation. While most prospective transferees in all industries have these concerns, key medical personnel with these fears can impact entire communities, should they object to relocation. Offering real estate-related assistance

When to Offer Rental Services Programs at Origin and Destination

As more homeowners become renters, employers should understand and respond to this trend. Rental services are more important than ever due to this desire or condition. Rental services typically fall into two basic categories. Short-term, temporary rental assistance. Long-term, more permanent rental services.   When employers should offer these services depends on a variety of conditions.

Rental Lease Cancellation and Assistance

Relocation assistance often focuses on helping new or transferred employees sell their homes. Often overlooked is the help needed for those key employees who are renting or leasing homes. When relocating at their employer's wishes, renters often need help in making graceful and financially reasonable exits from their current homes. Legal Lease/Rental Termination Conditions You'll not be