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Supplier certification is an essential component of establishing and maintaining the overall quality of your relocation policy. It is a vital element when your company is trying to track your supplier partners’ performance, develop reasonable contract provisions, and, most importantly, protect itself and your employees against any issues that may arise in the relocation process. After

Supply Chain Management - Carrier Selection

When selecting van lines, or agents thereof, you should evaluate a number of top carriers to create a network of primary and secondary choices. Whether you self-administer or use a third-party relocation firm for your employee transfers and new hires, your company should be comfortable with the preferred group of moving van organizations. Carrier Selection Your relocation policy no doubt

Effective Business Performance Measurements for Your Corporate Relocation

If you're in the process of selecting a corporate relocation firm to manage your company's corporate relocation policy, you may have a lot of doubts: How will I know the corporate relocation management company is acting in my best interests? What can I expect from a corporate relocation firm? How will I know if the company is fulfilling its agreements? How can I get the best value for my money