Global Mobility Snapshot

Millions of American workers relocate annually, many taking on international assignments as businesses develop and broaden their global mobility programs to take advantage of the expanding global economy. Here is a snapshot of global mobility in 2018.

The Challenges of Developing a Core-Flex Program

Developing a core-flex program can be challenging, especially for organizations that are inexperienced with corporate mobility. Determining Precisely What Benefits to Offer The choice of benefits should be competitive – but it should also be financially viable. The included services must be representative of the company culture and the level of employer support employees can expect, while at the

Address Real Estate Concerns in Your Executive Mobility Program

A comprehensive talent mobility program is essential to recruit and retain top executive talent. Offering a competitive mobility package is one way to attract and keep the best talent on your executive team. Addressing concerns about selling a current home and purchasing a new home in your mobility program may play a large part in an executive’s decision to accept a relocation offer. Consider the

Tips for Designing a Core-Flex Policy

Designing a core-flex policy takes time and work. Nevertheless, by committing to creating a comprehensive program from the start, making periodic updates and adjustments becomes easier. It’s advisable to establish several factors up front: Competitive Core-Flex Policies in Specific Industries HR departments and mobility managers should begin by researching what their competition provides in terms

Core-Flex Policy Basics & Designing a Core-Flex Model

With an increase in global mobility, organizations are looking for ways to create flexible and affordable relocation packages. In fact, recent research shows that 88 percent of companies are incorporating aspects of core-flex policies into their mobility programs. But what are core-flex policies exactly, and how can they benefit both employees and employers? What is a Core-Flex Policy? A