Information You’ll Need Before Writing an Employee Relocation Letter

If you want to write an effective employee relocation letter that invigorates your employee about their new position and makes the transition easier on everyone involved, there are certain key pieces of information you should have first. Fortunately, you don't need a three-ring binder or thick stacks of information in order to write this letter. Everything you need to write an effective

Three Myths about the Relocation Process

Even if they've been through the relocation process with employees many times, your HR staff and management team may have misconceptions about the relocation process. Here are three common myths -- and the real truth about the relocation process. Myth #1: Every employee relocation is different, so there's no way to set standards or benchmarks for

Company Relocation: Do Tax Benefits Make it Worth It?

When Peoria, Illinois-based Caterpillar threatened to move from the state due to income tax increases, it sparked a flurry of debate over corporate relocation and relocation tax incentives for companies. The threat actually hurt stock prices of the heavy equipment manufacturer, as well as reducing company morale and productivity. While Caterpillar's CEO stressed to Illinois governor Pat Quinn