What Should be Included in a Relocation Package?

You offer a relocation package that HR and senior management believes to be outstanding. But, is it really attractive to current employees or new hires? Are you sure your relocation package is comparable to your primary competitors' programs? Sometimes, a relocation program appears to be attractive, but doesn't resonate with the affected employees. They may be reluctant to offer their real

Furnished Housing: The Mysteries and the Facts

Finding quality furnished housing can be critical to the success of your relocation program, but it can also be a big headache. Where is the property located? Will the transferring employee be comfortable and able to quickly return to productivity? And perhaps the biggest mystery of all: How is the price of a property determined? Please join us on April 1, 2014 for our Learning Zone Webinar:

Real Estate Relocation Features for the Medical Industry

Medical employees, whether new hires or current staff, are often most concerned with having to sell their homes quickly at less than market value when faced with relocation. While most prospective transferees in all industries have these concerns, key medical personnel with these fears can impact entire communities, should they object to relocation. Offering real estate-related assistance

Short Term Housing: The Benefits and When to Offer

Short-term, temporary housing provisions should be a component in your employee relocation program. In some cases, your transferees may not need to activate this feature. However, when it is needed, short-term housing becomes a treasured feature for which your transferees will appreciate. From an employer perspective, temporary housing benefits often result into high performing transferees at

When to Offer Rental Services Programs at Origin and Destination

As more homeowners become renters, employers should understand and respond to this trend. Rental services are more important than ever due to this desire or condition. Rental services typically fall into two basic categories. Short-term, temporary rental assistance. Long-term, more permanent rental services.   When employers should offer these services depends on a variety of conditions.

Connecting the Dots for Transferees: Temporary Housing

Finding temporary housing for your employees is about more than just selecting a suitable place to live when they arrive at their new location. It's also about having a relocation policy that makes your employee's life easier, makes your life easier, and encourages many years of goodwill and hard work from your employee. Using temporary housing is a multi-pronged solution that involves more than

Relocation Policy Varieties

Employers offer different relocation policy varieties. However, most policies fall into one of two primary categories, sometimes with identical components. Employers may have a single "one size fits all" policy for all transferred employees, regardless of their position. A second popular relocation policy is a tiered variety, with benefits that vary with the employee's grade or pay level. Tiered

How Temporary Housing Can Ease the Worries of Reluctant Employees

It’s easy to come to the conclusion that these days, there are far less people willing to relocate for business than ever before. But the fact is, relocation is something that’s always been a bit tough to sell on employees. People like to be “at home.” And if they’ve got school-aged kids, staying put is even more important to them. But what about the fence-sitters? Is there any way that an

What Do National Relocation Services Include?

Are you considering hiring an outside firm to handle your company's corporate relocation management? Whether you regularly transfer employees from one branch to another within the United States, or you're planning a full scale corporate relocation, CapRelo can help. What exactly do our national relocation services include?  Our national relocation services fall into several different categories,

Is Temporary Housing an Executive Relocation Service You Need?

Executive relocation services and relocation management companies like CapRelo provide a wide range of business relocation services, including the sale and purchase of real estate.  But what if, for whatever reason, it is more cost-effective and expedient to set up temporary housing for your employees? There are a number of reasons employees may prefer temporary housing for a stay that will be