Real Estate Tiers in Your Global Mobility Program

Your relocation tiers can be as detailed and nuanced as you need them to be. Some companies find it useful to establish specific real estate tiers as part of their packages. Real estate tiers feature different options that may incentivize employees to sell their homes more quickly or give them a guarantee that they won't be stuck paying an old mortgage long after they've moved to their new

How To Determine Fair Tiered Relocation Packages

Companies offer relocation packages to their employees in tiers to help control relocation costs. Tiered packages are often established to address a variety of complex issues, but essentially it means that what is offered to one employee may not be offered to another. A company trying to retain existing employees or attract prospective talent may find they are able to offer more attractive

May Relocation Survey

Thinking about changing your relocation program or just curious about what other organizations are doing? Each month, we'll feature a short survey and share our findings along with the next survey the following month. Below are the results for last month's survey and this month's survey questions. April Survey Results 1. Does your company use rotational assignments? Yes: 40%No: 60% 2. For what

Build a Competitive Advantage with Tiered Relocation Packages

Offering market-driven relocation packages to potential new hires and current employees is one of the best ways to attract and retain the best talent in your field. Cost-effective relocation packages show employees that you’re prepared to invest in their future and that your team cares about making their transition as smooth and comfortable as possible. For organizations in all industries,

Corporate Relocation Policy: Relocation Tiers vs. Employee Status

If you are in the process of creating a corporate relocation policy for the first time or restructuring your current policy, one of the questions you may consider is how to differentiate your employees in a tiered policy. Find out more about how to save time and money by using tiered relocation packages in our free article. Designing Tiered Relocation Packages There are many variables to take

Use Tiers to Avoid Exceptions in Your Corporate Relocation Policy

Many companies view a tiered corporate relocation policy as more work. It's true that your HR staff will have to take the time, and may enlist the help of a corporate relocation management company, to establish fair and appropriate tiers based on employee salaries or job levels and set the benefits offered in a corporate relocation package within each tier. But once that's done, a tiered policy

A Buyer Value Option Program Can Benefit Both Employees and Employers

A Buyer Value Option (BVO) program is designed to aid transferring employees in the quick sale of their homes, with no obligation to pay real estate commission or closing costs. A BVO program offers benefits for employees and employers, as transferring employees will want a quick and easy sale of their current homes and the employer will want their employees’ focus to be on productivity rather

Are Relocation Package Exceptions Burning Out Your HR Staff? (Part 2)

A group move or other circumstance that requires many employee relocations take place at the same time stretches the resources of your HR staff even thinner. More and more companies are shifting to a tiered relocation package over a lump sum approach to minimize exceptions and ease the stress on your HR staff. Find out more about tiered relocation packages with our free article. How do you

Are Relocation Package Exceptions Burning Out Your HR Staff? (Part 1)

You know you have an excellent HR staff. The team is expert at recruiting and hiring new employees, managing training initiatives, managing benefits (while keeping costs down), addressing employee concerns, building company spirit with team events… the list goes on. Your staff has a lot on their minds, a lot of balls in the air… and they’re expert jugglers – usually. Learn more about developing

Employee Relocation Policies and Real Estate: A Tiered Approach

Tiered Relocation Packages An emerging trend concerning employee relocation is tiered relocation packages. These packages are tailored to each level of employee and offer benefits according to those levels. Corporations have started utilizing tiered policies to provide more flexibility for hiring managers and to cut the overall costs of relocations. Learn more about cutting costs using tiered