Do You Have a Competitive Relocation Policy?

Are you finding it difficult to recruit top talent in your industry? Do you feel like you are reinventing the wheel each time you enter negotiations with a potential employee? Is there a thin talent pool in your region? Are there too many competitors vying for the best employees? These are just a few challenges that rapid-growth industries like healthcare, biotechnology and alternative energies

Dissecting the Features of an Attractive Relocation Package

Creating a strong relocation package for your employees is key to attracting and retaining top talent. So how do you determine if your company's relocation policies are up to par? Consider the following five features that distinguish the most attractive relocation packages from the weakest. Learn more about developing relocation policies with our free guide.  1. Comprehensive, Not Complex The

Why Have a Corporate Relocation Package?

For some HR professionals and employers, having a company relocation package may be a "trial and error" proposition. However, this is better than the typical results of having no written relocation plan at all. Why? Having no relocation policy mandates HR and your transferee to negotiate every detail of a company-sponsored transfer to a new location. The workload on HR can be overwhelming. The

Tips For Restructuring Your Corporate Relocation Policy

A corporate relocation policy that worked wonderfully in the 1990s may be woefully inadequate and/or costly in the second decade of the 2000s. Staying true to your company’s mission is important, but staying competitive and cost-controlled is equally vital. When Is It Time to Restructure You will get indicators when to consider restructuring your corporate relocation policy. Take heed of these

Updating Your Relocation Policy

Updating your corporate policies is often an overlooked necessity. Not only does it seem unimportant to the inundated, plenty of executives simply don't realize how critical having up to date policies is for the success of the organization. This is particularly true when it comes to relocation policies. Best practices and tactics are always improving, therefore making certain your relocation