Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium wrap-up

Last week, members of our CapRelo team attended the Worldwide ERC Global Workforce Symposium in Boston, MA. Throughout the event, we tweeted pictures, observations and tidbits of information learned during the sessions we attended. Attending the opening session following breakfast in a jail. #WERCGWS — CapRelo (@caprelo) October 8, 2015   Welcome message from Peggy

Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) Certification - What Is It?

Brian Shea, accepting his GMS certification from Laura and Peggy from WERC. The Global Mobility Specialist (GMS®) certification identifies professionals involved in the employee relocation arena as being well-trained in global workforce mobility.  The GMS® designation includes courses for initial certification and continuing education, which focus on both traditional and current global

Do Your Employee Loss-on-Sale Relocation Policies Need a Second Look?

Relocation Policies The fear of losing money on a home sale is one of the key factors that keeps employees from wanting to relocate. It's a valid fear in today's market, especially if employees homes are already “under water” (that is, they owe more on the mortgage than the home is worth) due to increased interest rates, second mortgages or home equity lines of credit. One way corporations are