12 Key Points in an Employee Transfer Letter

Employee transfer letters are given to employees who are being transferred to a different branch, department or location of their employer. The reasons for the letters is more than just common professional courtesy. Transfer letters provide employee and employer the "ground rules" of the transfer. Learn more about how to write an employee transfer letter with our free article. Foundation for

Employee Transfer Letter Basics: What You Need To Know

An employee transfer letter should have two main goals: to inform the relocating employee of the terms of their transfer, and to motivate your employee to develop positive feelings about the new position and location. However, it should never be the first communication about relocation. You should prepare and send an employee transfer letter after a face-to-face conversation with your employee

What Do you Need to Know Before Writing a Relocation Letter?

Relocation letters have two primary purposes. Fortunately, you need not spend hours researching data or statistics to get the information you need to create a good relocation letter of understanding. The two major features of relocation letters accomplish these goals. Inform the employee or new hire about the terms of the relocation. Motivate the transferee to have positive feelings about their

Steps on How to Write an Employee Relocation Offer Letter

When writing an effective employee relocation offer letter it’s important that you frame your offer in a manner that results in the highest rate of acceptance. Here we outline steps to help you write a great relocation offer letter. For more information on how to write an employee relocation letter, get our free article. Start with a Recap Relocation offer letters are sent to employees who have

[Video] Writing Effective Employee Relocation Letters: 3 Tips

Are you looking for ways to write an effective employee relocation letter? What three simple tips should you know?Please enjoy our video, "3 Tips for Writing Effective Employee Relocation Letters - CapRelo."

Information You’ll Need Before Writing an Employee Relocation Letter

If you want to write an effective employee relocation letter that invigorates your employee about their new position and makes the transition easier on everyone involved, there are certain key pieces of information you should have first. Fortunately, you don't need a three-ring binder or thick stacks of information in order to write this letter. Everything you need to write an effective

The Importance of an Employee Relocation Letter

Holding someone’s future in your hands is a serious matter. When you hand an employee relocation letter to someone, it may hit him or her like a ton of bricks. ... Or be a joyful moment that is cause for celebration. This largely depends on your company’s approach. According to most psychologists, a move is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life—a major life event. You never want

How to Write a Relocating Employee Transfer Letter

Your human resources staff may have to fill out an employee transfer form or, in lieu of that, write an employee transfer letter. While the main goal of this letter is to inform a relocating employee of the terms of a transfer, it should never be the first communication about relocation.  Find out more about writing an employee relocation offer letter in our free article.  When to Send an