Published on July 18, 2019

One thing that has proven to be an obstacle in many relocation efforts (regardless of whether the relocation is for business or personal reasons) is obtaining and executing a work visa. In some countries, it can be extremely difficult to obtain a work visa. Even when you are approved for a work visa, the duration of stay in that country varies, which limits your opportunities while abroad.

To better help you, we’ve compiled the information of work visas around the globe by putting the information into an interactive map. Information from multiple countries was collected and a map created that details work visa laws around the world. Take a look at this interactive map below to see the different laws and requirements for different countries:


Interview and Background Check Requirements For Work Visas By Country Chart

From the information collected, a few main points about obtaining a work visa have been highlighted. The first area highlighted is the interview and criminal background check requirements. The only countries to require both an interview and a criminal background check are Argentina, the Czech Republic, and the United States. The majority of countries on the list don’t require an interview, although Austria, Canada, China, Estonia, and Germany sometimes require interviews based on varying circumstances. Many countries, like Ireland, Russia, and South Korea, don’t require either barrier. 

Length of Work Visa Validity by Country Chart

The next topic examined is the length of work visa validity. The shortest length of work visa validity is in Belgium, where a work visa is only valid for 90 days. The next shortest is in China and Estonia, where the validity lasts for just 3 months. The countries with the longest work visa validity are in South Africa, Slovakia, and Australia, where work visas are valid for 5 years. In the United States, work visas are only valid for 1 year, however, this aligns with many other countries.

Estimated Processing Time for Work Visas by Country Chart

The final thing examined is the estimated processing time for work visas. Usually, after applying for a visa, candidates must wait a period of time before they find out if they are actually approved or not. The shortest processing time is in China, where it only takes a mere 4 days to process a work visa. The longest time to process a work visa is in Australia, where processing takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months. Processing a work visa for the United States is among one of the longer processing times, where it takes 2 months.

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